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Facial Plastic Surgery Questions and Answers: Part 2

Question: Only side profile rhinoplasty?
Answer: You cannot just shave down the dorsal hump, since you’ll be left with a flat top- open roof deformity from the frontal profile. Osteotomies placed in the nasal bones are required to close the open roof created from the hump removal itself. You also have a very recessive chin, which gives the illusion that your nose is bigger than it really is. Consider placement of a chin implant at the same time as a rhinoplasty for better facial balance and proportions. Study your perspective surgeon’s rhinoplasty photo gallery to make sure that it is extensive with natural results.

Question: Prominent nasolabial folds and sagging face?
Answer: In our practice, a lower face and neck lift can address loose facial and neck sagging by tightening loose facial and neck skin, tightening loose facial and neck muscles, lifting the jowls, and remove any residual fat deposits in the neck when present. This also includes a platysma plasty to significantly improve your jawline. Nasolabial folds won’t be helped very much with a facelift procedure. You also appear to have lost volume in the mid face, so you can consider filler placement on a temporary basis, or consider cheek implants for a permanent, mid face augmentation. The Peri-oral wrinkles are best treated with dermabrasion. All three of these procedures can be performed together or independently.

Question: Facelift or Other Options?
Answer: From the two Limited photographs presented, you look fantastic for your age and are NOT a candidate for a facelift procedure. If you’re trying to augment your left cheek, consider placement of fillers.

Question: Should I have a full rhinoplasty or should I only have tip plasty?
Answer: To ensure that all of the components of your nose balance with each other in a three dimensional fashion, a full rhinoplasty is going to be required.

Question: What are my options for my weak neck/jawline?
Answer: Liposuction can only accomplish removal of fat deposits above the platysma muscle. You most likely have fat deposits underneath the muscle which will require a Neck lift surgery with a platysma plasty to extract the fat underneath the muscle and tighten the muscle together to give a significant improvement in the jawline. As long as your less than 50 years of age, no skin removal is required.

Question: What can I do to accept potential risks and mitigate them? 
Answer: The risks that you have mentioned are exceedingly rare, and we have never seen them in over 30 years. Much more likely is that even in the best of hands, there’s a 10% chance of requiring you to need a touch up surgery one year after your primary rhinoplasty. There’s also a small chance of getting a nosebleed after the surgery which would require nasal packing. Rhinoplasty is the most difficult procedure to perform in the entire field of cosmetic surgery, so choose your plastic surgeon based on extensive experience producing natural results consistently. Study your prospective surgeon’s before and after rhinoplasty photo gallery, which should be extensive with results that you like.

Question: Under-eye and mid face rejuvenation options?
Answer: The mid face does not descend vertically with aging process, but loses volume. For a temporary augmentation, consider fillers in the midface. For a permanent augmentation, consider cheek implants.

Question: My neck and face blend in together – what surgery would help most?
Answer: A full set of facial photographs from all angles that are in focus are required to make a determination about which procedures are going to be best for you. If you’ve already had liposuction with no success, you probably have fat deposits located underneath the platysma muscle in your neck which requires a surgical neck lift to get rid of that compartment of fat. A platysma plasty is also performed as well to significantly improve the jawline.

Question: What procedures would you recommend I have to rejuvenate?
Answer: A full set of facial photographs from all angles including your neck are going to be required to make a determination about how best to proceed. Mini lifts give mini results,and are usually not very effective.

Question: Bleph before or after facelift?
Answer: It does not matter which procedure is done first or second if you’re doing them separately. We frequently perform both procedures together under one anesthesia with one recovery. Performing them separately will give you two weeks of visible, bruising and swelling for each procedure. In our practice, just an upper blepharoplasty can be performed under local anesthesia, however, the facelift procedure is performed under general anesthesia. Study your perspective surgeon’s eyelid and facelift photo gallery very carefully to make sure that your surgeon is very experienced producing natural results consistently.

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