Things To Do – Places To Visit in Pike Pine Washington

An East-west street which spreads out in downtown Seattle, Pike. It covers the famous Pike palace above Seattle’s saltwater waterfront at Elliott Bay across Capitol Hill to the freshwater shore of Lake Washington. It can be very dull to people when they visit someplace and are puzzled when it comes to doing something or visiting places in Pike. Well, youth is a particular worry is about to burn into flames because this article will tell you precisely what you are looking for. So, sit back and enjoy as you imagine your journey through Pike just by reading it.

Things to do in Pike/Pine:

  • The Savor Seattle Food Tour:

There is no way you are in Pike street and don’t skip your 2 hours in entertaining yourself as you fill your ears with the history and culture and fill your mouth, satisfy your palette with the delicious food, that you are going to remember forever. Rated as Number 1 Food Tour in Seattle – Bellevue by TripAdvisor, this has all the savory taste your life needs and wants. Hit the steering wheel, and join the Savor Seattle because a heart wants what it wants.

  • Sunset at Pike Palace, Market Front:

This is some special you do not want to miss. Ever wondered what beauty lies when you watch the sun drop all its anger and light – and settle into nothingness? Here is your clear picture to know what it looks like. The market front was newly opened in 2017, a cross section between Pike palace and Stewart street is where people enjoy the serendipity, and it is the peace you wouldn’t want to miss.

  • Rachel The Pig:

There is a 550- pound piggy bank which was named Rachel after a real pig, which was 1977 Whidbey Island Pig Pageant Queen winner. This piggy bank runs up a foundation in which the money goes on around to Pike Market’s medical clinic, Children center, food bank, etc. so go up and make your money count by feeding coins to Rachel the Pig.


Places to visit in Pike/Pine:

  • Visit the gum wall:

The market theater gum wall is the most attractive tourist spot you can Imagine. Shown in many movies and been a part of many wedding photography sessions, this place is a must visit. So, if you are in Pike, you do not want to leave without sticking your marks, gum on the colorful wall.

  • Visit Golden age collectibles:

Are you a real person who still has a thing for books which describes and funnily defines culture? Then this area should be in your bucket list. Golden age collectible offers old and new both comic and a large section of cutout posters of your favorite celebrities to hang wherever you want to.

  • Visit Storyville Coffee:

Imagine a warm cup of coffee with slow music, cozy environment, and just peaceful details? Well, then you are in for a surprise because Storyville coffee offers you with couches and huge windows so you can settle in, make yourself home and sip on your favorite coffee as you look out on the crowded market below.


Pike is a popular place to be known for everything it offers in Washington State. There are many things to explore, and every single home has its charm and story to tell. You won’t be let down by the spirit that Pike holds. So, let your feet do the walk and guide you through some of the best places to visit and things to do in Pike – the city of fun.

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