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Things to Do in Leschi WA

Summertime is here, and while we know you’ll be visiting by for a fresh salad, summer cocktail, or cold beer, we also know you want to be out and about appreciating the attractive climate! So, we’ve put together a supportive little list of fun outdoor things to do in and nearby Leschi when the weather is nice…

Leschi dock

Get some sun at the Leschi dock. Situated thru Lakeside Opportunity from Leschi Park, and attached to the parking lot connecting BluWater Bistro, the long boat dock is an imaginary spot to picnic on the water or get some summer sun! Bring along your lawn chairs and pack a snack, or get some delightful BluWater take-out.

Leschi Park

Play a round or two of tennis at Leschi Park. The tennis court is likely private at Leschi Park and sheltered overhead the rolling hillside below, which reaches at the end to Lakeside Avenue and the waterfront. Get in a bit of workout out in the stunning summer weather, and drop in at BluWater Bistro for refreshment.

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Waterfront Beaches

Splash and play at waterfront beaches and docks. Stretching north of Leschi Park along Lake Washington Boulevard, you’ll find a handful of park areas and lakeside mini parks that are ideal for some summer activities. Madrona Park is just a couple minutes’ drive north of Leschi Park, and has picnic areas, a guarded beach for safety, a play area, and more.

Lake Washington

Sail the waters nearby. The Leschi area of Lake Washington gets some boat traffic during the summer, but it’s rarely crowded! Dock nearby for some relaxation on the water, or for a stop by the restaurant to say hello.

BluWater Bistro

Dine outdoors at BluWater. We have to get in on the fun of attractive Pacific Northwest summer weather! Beside our southeast wall and out back on the little deck, offer some prime real estate for outdoor diners. Enjoy any one of their classic BluWater specialties, seasonally featured items, or just a cool beverage!


Frink Park

At Frink, the 1.3 miles of intersecting trails are reasonable, though more exciting on rainy days when the trails can get slippery and muddy even with the stairs. The short trails at Leschi Park are cemented and partly wheelchair accessible. Benches dot the trails at Frink. There aren’t many signs to guide you through the park, but the trails are short, so it’s hard to get lost. Leschi is more accessible with short, paved trails, the right path leading to a tennis court and restroom and the left leading to a playground. There are benches with views of Lake Washington.

There’s a big contrast between the two parks. Leschi is essentially a hillside park that’s well-manicured with exotic plants and a small rose garden. It’s scenic, with views of boats and willows along the lake. It’s perfect for seniors and children because the trails are paved and short.


Escape Games

Have you ever played those escape the room games on the computer? Here’s one in real life! There are 2 scenarios you can choose from (currently a jail cell or a morgue!) and you have 60 mins to try and escape. Your group can be 4-8 people and 2 hints are given if you choose to use them. There is someone always watching you at all times to ensure your safety and help you just in case! I highly recommend everyone to try out a puzzle room just once and see if you don’t get addicted. 😉


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