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Things to do in Squire Park WA

Squire Park:

Squire Park is one of the famous places of Seattle, Washington Squire park is a district in a city of Seattle. With many central areas and stories behind this place, this district holds a prompt value in the eyes of a tourist or anyone who wants to visit. Again, the question arises on what exactly does Squire park offers us to see, do and visit? Well, you are here to know everything. This guide will give you a well-explained introduction to things.

Things to do in Squire Park:

  • L’Oursin:

Being caught up in a routine and you somehow end up being in Squire park, what is the first thing you do? Well, take it from me, but you do not want to miss on L’Oursin. The fresh seafood offered here will make you lick your fingers. That’s not it, the place here provides a sense of home with a comfortable atmosphere and soothing music. They offer many French dishes and oh, who doesn’t like getting maturely tipsy? You can get natural wine which will take you up in the clouds.

  • Get ideas about the renovation:

We all know how Squire park is famous for its Rental vacation apartments and houses. While there are a lot of places people can rent to stay, there is an extensive section of getting ideas about the renovation. You have to do is search for houses around and do some walk in the lobbies. Look at new homes, their furniture, how the front porch separates and the incredible interior. Take notes and see what you like to have renovated this way in your home. This way, you can roam around and gather ideas on the go.

  • Hit Square Park:

You can spend your time wandering around at the Square park. With a touch of urban life and bright sun winking at you as your hair flutter in the air is a pleasant situation to be in. There is a fountain pool which gets turned on during the evening, where you can wet your feet and feel the summer vibe in your body. Its all about finding things to do and this mark should be touched as you go.

Places to visit in Squire Park:

  • Seattle Buddhist Temple:

Japanese Jodo Shinshu Buddhist temple is something you should visit to know the stories this place holds. There are many services which are offered, and each is to be held on dates mentioned on the calendar. Such as Meditation, Earth day music and much more. Enjoy your stay in Squire Park and give this Temple a visit to get a taste of different traditions and cultures, because you wouldn’t want to miss this.

  • Pratt Park:

Pratt park offers countless activities. It is not just a park. It has a beautiful serene view of mountains with a water pool playground and numerous picnic tables. Set your picnic, come along with your kids, play, sip on your coffee, have fun and make memories.

  • Cypher café/ Washington Hall:

If you are passing by or staying in Squire Park, you might as well want some historical knowledge out of your visit. Washington hall has a lot to offer and many secrets to tell. Many programs take place here so you might want to attend one and know more about the site you are visiting.


The Squire park must be known for all the houses and apartments in the necessary knowledge, but there is many more place that holds value and attraction – and this brief guide is all you need.


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